Get to know me

I enjoy my life and love it because I have chosen the best work of all, Design. Recently, I and my better half Amritha was blessed with a baby boy ‘Ishan’  and I am thankful to god. 

I have varied expertise with a Master’s in Human-Computer Interaction and hands-on experience in user research,  industrial design, UI design, and product management. During my startup days (2014-18), apart from being CEO, I was the PM and UX lead for software projects (CRM, loyalty program).


I would love to spend time in creative engagements and want to work in a similar domain. Also I have a passion for the technology, wanted to explore more on its possibilities and impact on human life. 

After my Masters in HCID, would like to work in UX research and UI design decisions. Going forward, I see myself transitioning into product management.


My golden values

Icon 1 Keep Learning

Keep your eyes open and never stop thinking.

Read, Talk, Listen and Experiment

Icon 1 Curious & Creative

Inspiration is all around us, learn to appreciate it and tryout new things.

Icon 1 Be Humble


Being humble lets you learn from others.



Working knowledge

Experience and Education

FindHotel Findhotel finds the best hotel deals from all major travel websites with one quick search, with a moto to provide the ‘Best value for deal’.

My objectives:

Payment flow optimisation. 

  • Using user research techniques, UX principle and data analytics to develop hypothesis.
  • Conduct usability test to validate the hypothesis.
  • Work along side the product designer in product iterations.
  • Deliver insights to the Product manager and stakeholders.
  • Enhance localisation experience. 
1. Working as a team in the Checkout Squad.
2. Started an initiative to centralise User Research insight.

CIED logo CIED is an agritech startup which provides tools and software solutions to complex problems of agri-food supply chains  to ensure transparency, trust & fair ownership.


My role at CIED

1. Define a UX approch for design in the organization and train 2 juniors.

2. Conduct user research through focus groups, understand and define requirments.

3. UI UX design of the world trace platfrom for clients Bio Inspecta and Ceres.


EIT Digital masters is a European double degree masters in Human Computer Interaction and Design. As part of the masters I am also completing a Minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 

Entry year : Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain

Exit year : University of Twente (UT), Netherlands

Summer School : KTH royal Institute of Technology, Sweden IOT and Business Transformations

Learnings :

Strong foundations of UX principles: Heuristic evaluation, Mobile design, Accessibility, Context of Use analysis, Usability Evaluation and Design sprint.

Good understanding of in development of Web applications in Angular, Android mobile application using Java and Desktop application in Java Fx.

Knowledge in Digital Health and Data analysis using IBM SPSS modeler.

Amphenol ICC | LinkedInAmphenol is one of the worlds leading manufacturer of electronics and telecom connectors.


My role at Amphenol involves:

Development of CRL(Customer Requirement list), CNA(Customer Need Analysis), FMEA (Failure Mode effect analysis), Product cost and Capex, Iterative product design and life cycle testing (Design of experiment).


Products :

I. Octis(TM) & VerIO(TM) Product Family  ————– Clients: Nokia, Ericsson, Huawei

—–Part of product design team. Independently, devised a User Testing scenario and found 3 feature improvements which eliminated customer complaint by 30%.

II. Griplet IDC (Gen II) ———————————Clients: Boss, ABB

—–Role of Product Development Lead from concept to production. Low-cost high volume product.

III. DCDB for 5G: customized power distribution box for Nokia.

—–User research, concept design, costing, MVP trials.

IV. 3 way Splice: Customized connector system for robotic lawn mover. ———Client: Husqvarna

—–User research, concept design, costing and MVP concept.

STAD a campus startup with SaaS model products and RF-based POS systems. It also undertakes custom design projects. Awarded Top 5 campus startup of Kerala in 2012 by SV.

Role: CEO, Product Manager and UX design.

Products :

I. SHOWP ———————Clients : LuLu Mall, Lulu Hyper Market, Mint Mall, Capitol Mall

A Shop and Win Package built from scratch for the brick and mortar retail industry working on Pay Per Use model.

‘Daily Users’ were going down as Metric ‘Form Completion Time’ was high, which created a long queue. To eliminate that, we implemented ‘Pre registration’ and ‘auto check-in & feedback kiosk’

II. Zobee ————                   —Clients : Funspot, Wonderlamp, Manjal Game Center

A RF-based hardware integrated POS system designed to handle family entertainment centre and improve customer satisfaction and spending.

• To improve ‘LVT/CAC’ implemented ‘Cash to Point Bonus’ and in turn aided in improving CRR.
• Added in ‘Opportunity cost’ metric to account for game downtime.
•To improve the ‘Daily User to Footfall’ (Adoption), added Reward Display which indirectly improved CSAT and MRR. 

III. Lease Planner —– ——–Clients: Times Retails

An application to arrange, summarize and optimize leasing enquiry of retail space to business conversion.

•To improve metric ‘Closing rate : CR’ a transparent dashboard was established across the team under the Hypothesis of improved Ownership.


Mahindra Logo, HD Png, Meaning, InformationMahindra & Mahindra Limited is an Indian multinational car manufacturing corporation. I was campus placed with Mahindra Research Valley Chennai and had my industrial training at Kandivali plant Mumbai.

I won 1st prize in Tech Quotient and 2nd in Design Quotient a National level Competition held by Mahindra and was given a Student Internship which converted to Job offer.

I worked on body trims department, we worked on the Scorpio car interior parts.

KSCSTE – Kerala State Council for Science, Technology & EnvironmentKerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment (KSCSTE) has funded to further investigate one of my campus projects Walk Mentor. It is an extra support added to crutches to make it safer to use.

Role: Co-Principal Investigator

Conducted patient and Doctor interviews, Contextual enquiry, Product design and Clinical trials.

Bachelor of Technology In Mechanical Engineering from College of Engineering Trivandrum.

Founder of Innovation Center CET. Now Innovation Center is a Government project under CERD and active in many Govt. Engg. colleges in Kerala.

Best WaCR Project funder by CERD and CeDS.

Active member of Robo CET.

Active in student Union, Technical Coordinator Techfest Drishti 2013.