world trace


Have you ever felt, it takes more time to search and communicate information than to do the work. This was the situation with our client when issuing transfer certificates (TC), the process was tiresome for their employees, error prone and lengthy. I was tasked as the lead UX designer and after five months of iterative design we developed a collaborative platform for easy creation of TC and allows stakeholders to join when require. 

💪 Challenge

A TC is issued to a producer to enable traceability for organic products. It certifies, this much quantity of organic product can be produced from his field for the assessment period.

Quantity calculations for TC is very hard due various complexities and miss matches. Prior to World Trace getting this quantities sorted out involved lots of emails.

TC needs to be validated by the assigned inspector and the issued quantities need to be updated manually into the legacy software.

Between a TC request and approval, multiple employees might have worked on the same TC, keeping a proper track of communication between them was very difficult.

💡 What I did

Studied the current TC and certification types, after a preliminary idea about the domain, I conducted two series of generative interviews to understand the work flow.

After some affinity mapping and old school interview analysis,  I send two closed questionnaire to finalize on the preliminary insights. One set for the higher-level stakeholders and another for employees who use the platform. This helped us map all the requirements. 

Organised a focus group card-sorting workshop to prioritise the requirement and establish a roadmap.

Conducted iterative refinement of the Service Blueprint.

Information architecture, sitemap and schema were developed. Along with the PM, I chaired the stakeholder’s meeting to present our finding and vision. 

Wire-framing, brainstorming and user testing.

I designed the high fidelity prototype with memorability and efficiency as key attributes and conducted task based usability tested.

Due to confidentiality only limited information is shared on this page. 📨 Send me an email, I would be glad to chat more about this.

📱 Solution

Easy quantity calculations even when handling complicated edge cases. ➡️

I decided to use models and tabs to reduce the cognitive load of the user and help to concentrate on one type of entry at a time.


Multiple user profiles and status.

World trace allows transparency to employees and allows them to work on any active TC on a faster pace.


Tags and Alert messages 

Tagging of the products and certifications reduced the error and gave the employees lightning speeds to responds to queries from producers.


Simple forms

Clean UI with signifiers to prevent errors.


Generate reports

📖 Learnings

⏰   Time management.

🔥   Leadership

🖥️   Presentation

📱    Effective HandOff

The project was on a tight deadline and with a team of two designers, three engineers and one product manager. Me along with the product manager had to put a team effort to plan and run the road map from designing the epics to presentations with external and internal stakeholders.